URL Shortener & Call To Actions (CTA’s)


Powerful & Effective Marketing Links. We specialize in adding custom images and text to URL shorten links. We post those links with every article we share on social media. So while your target audience reading engaging and interesting article we find for you. Your Call To Actions Pops up anywhere on the article you want.

Standard Plan Includes:

  • Url Shortener
  • Custom Call To Action on every article post
  • Up to three different promotions per month
  • Up to 2,000 clicks per month
  • $30 A Month

Pro Includes:

  • Url shortener using own domain and SEO-friendly keywords
  • Custom Call To Action on every article post
  • Up to five different promotions per month
  • Up to 5,000 clicks per month
  • Add your brand to any link
  • Advanced Analytics
  • $50 A Month

Premium Includes:

  • Url shortener using own website domain and SEO-friendly keywords
  • Custom Call To Action on every article post
  • Multiple CTA templates and gorgeous snippets (buttons, forms, banner, text link, app snip, social opt-in)
  • Up to 10 different promotions per month
  • Up to 10,000 clicks per month
  • Dynamic QR Codes
  • Include Remarketing Pixels in links
  • Included Conversion Tracking in links
  • Deep Links
  • WhatsUrl
  • Advanced Analytics
  • $75 A Month
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We offer a wide arrange of Call To Actions types: buttons, banners, social-opt-ins, text and even forms. With every CTA your brand or business will be displayed. We can even use your own brand or business website URL to create a custom URL shortener. Guess what, we’re not even finished yet. We also can add your own business remarketing pixels and conversion tracking codes to links. So every time a customer clicks on your social post link taking them to the article, their info is stored so you can retarget them with your own marketing campaigns.

Turn Every Link You Share Into Laser Target Ads

Remarketing Pixels: Facebook Pixel, Adwords Tag For Websites, Google Analytics Tracking Code, Google Tag Manager, Bing Universal Event Tracking, LinkedIn Insight Tag, Pinterest Conversion Tag, Twiter Conversion Tracking & Custom Remarketing Pixel Codes)

Track Conversions, Identify The Best Sources Of Revenue. We Support Majority Of Affiliate Networks Conversion Codes

Custom QR Codes: Create Visual QR Codes & Link Offline To Online Marketing

If you hit your clicks per month limit on the Standard or Pro plans. You will be notified by email to either upgrade to a higher plan or keep the limit cap on. If you’re using the Premium plan and you’re about to hit the 10,000 click limit. You will be emailed and ask if you want to upgrade to a custom plan for that month for a fee. If not, the limit cap will stay in place. If the limit cap is exceeding, all new clicks will be deactivated until the monthly limit resets.

By default, we only upgrade your account with your permission. If we email about nearing your click limit cap and we don’t get a response you will not be charged and your limit cap will be upheld until your monthly reset.

* Must Purchase One Of Socialmpacts Social Media Content Creation Pro Or Superior Plans To Use This Service



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Standard, Pro, Premium


Standard, Pro, Premium