Socialmpact Blog Drip Campaigns


You’ve written a riveting blog post… now what? “If you build it, they will come” may work in the movies but you’ll need to market your creation to get any traction.

What do you do after you’ve published your blog post?

The reality is that if you aren’t actively promoting it, in most cases your blog post will receive the majority of its exposure and traffic in the first 24–48 hours.

Socialmpact Blog Drip Campaigns solves this by automatically creating (and then dripping out) years worth of content for each blog post you publish.

Turn each of your blogs into a 12-month social campaign. Which is then dropped out to your social media channels. Each campaign is designed to engage with your audience and drive traffic back to your site.

What’s included :

  • Up to 2 Social Profiles
  • Up to 12 Campaigns a month (each blog is a campaign)
  • Each one of your blog campaigns will run for 12 months
  • Can be used on old blogs as well
  • Price: $100 A Month
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Automating your social media content to drive traffic

Soicalmpact Blog Drip Campaigns creates strategic, automated social media campaigns that drive traffic or an entire year.  Don’t worry will we send you your blog pre-generated social posts for approval. After approval, for the next 12 months your blog social posts will drive traffic back to your site and increase engagement.


  • Optimized Social Content- From the blog post images we extract to the branded quote bubble images we create – each one is optimized to work across each of your social accounts.
  • Promote Guest Posts- Either enter the URL of your Guest Post (or let us detect it automatically via an RSS feed) and we’ll turn it into an engaging social campaign for you to review.
  • #Hashtag Recommendations- automatically creates Hashtag recommendations for each of the blog posts you turn into a social campaign.
  • Medium Repurpose-  Automatically re-publish your best blog posts on Medium once it’s published on your main site. Doing this can increase the blog posts overall exposure and discoverability.
  • ROI & Analytics- Each piece of social content created and sent out through Missinglettr is tracked and monitored for clicks. This is then reported back to you so that you can keep track of how your campaigns are performing over time.